Paper burns and massive firms can go broke, but if you would like a piece of the solid rock, go for Gold.

Monetary pros agree the rising worth of gold, which has climbed since 2001 to a sixteen year high of $456 ( U.S.) an oz, is going to be spurred on in 2005. Delicate world scenarios, from political chaos to flailing currencies, are taking a toll on the trade markets.

The cry for stability and future security is high on the concern list for North USA citizens and may also be heard pulsating around the planet. Gold, along with the valuable metal industries, is rising as a trustworthy anchor for many investors at home and away. In his well documented publication '15 Reasons to have Gold' analyst John Embry, from the Sprott Gold & Dear Metals Fund, states that on a worldwide scale, "Gold as Cash is Gaining Credence." Indeed, many states including India, China, Russia and the Middle East are moving towards a safe hold on gold supply and a heavy interest in the incorporation of gold into their financial systems. Economist Dr. Gary North overviews the numerous paths to buy gold, and advises folks that when looking to invest, "Promises to pay are never as trustworthy as gold in hand." 

If conscious or subconscious the general public mind appears to agree with this convincing. The growing trend towards gold can be seen at the grass roots level with the client requirement for fine jewellery.

According to The World Gold Council, the requirement for jewellery is rising quicker than the production of gold. The jeweler industry, though often steady in its cash, has been more of a 'buyers market' in past years, with highly competitive price war campaigns and selling systems. These tables may now be about to turn, as the increasing demands on the gold market are anticipated to affect retail costs in the year. Tom McDonald of says, "Now is the time to buy!" Gold Misers is a web jewellery outlet which sells top quality fine jewellery at wholesale costs to the general public. "Being at the root level of the jeweler industry it isn't difficult to see the approaching market trend. I might counsel anyone to invest in a little golden nest egg.".